Friday, July 27, 2012

The ABC's of Me

I think my generation should probably be called "Gen N" for narcissism, or perhaps "Gen M" for ME!  I was that lunatic online who was constantly filling out "About Me" surveys and sending them to other people to fill out as well.  Does anyone remember that website where you could make your own quizzes (ostensibly for a variety of educational activities but mostly used for testing to see how well your friends knew you)?  I was on that a lot as well.  I just like sharing facts about myself in uncomplicated terms and absolute statements like "What's your favorite ice cream topping?"  I'm not completely self-centered, I like to read these facts about other people as well.  To that end, I took this particular survey from A Cupcake For the Teacher and I hope that if I ever get a cadre of followers, you'll do this too, then send me the link so I can get to know you!

A- Age - 26!

B - Bed size - Full.  I swore after I stopped living in the dorms that I would never have a twin bed in my room again.

C - Car - 2007 Kia Spectra

D - Dogs or cats - I like cats, but I'm more of a dog person.  I'm one of those annoying people that love annoying little yappy dogs like my baby, Lola:

E - Essential to start your day - Caffeine.  If I don't have it in the morning, I regret it later.

F - Favorite color - I love combinations - pink and teal/aqua, or lavender and sea foam green

G - Gold or silver - White Gold

H - Height - 5'5.5"

I - Ice cream - I love to try new flavors, but my old standby is Cookie Dough

J - Job title - Currently none.  Hopefully soon it will be "Teacher"
K - Kids - None yet!  But I'd love a little girl or a whole passel (including twins, not that there are any in my family)

L - Live - The Lone Star State

M - Makeup Routine - Base, powder, fill in the eyebrows and chap stick.  Nice occasions merit lip pencil and mascara.  New Year's Eve or someone gets married, I wear eyeliner/shadow.
N - Nickname - Wendell (Family ONLY), Wen, Window
O - Odd Bodily Tricks - I can bend the first joints of my fingers (the ones closest to the fingertip) while keeping my other ones straight.  
P - Pet peeves - So many, as I am a bit controlling.  Borrowing stuff without permission, smacking your food.  Also, the sound of TV static makes me want to shove sharp objects into my ear canal.

Q - Quote from a movie - "My sweater is Ralph Lauren and I have no pants." - Bee Movie
R - Right or lefty - Righty.

S - Siblings - Spent the first ten years as an only child, but I actually have 6 half siblings on either side
T - TV - Sadly addicted.  Cheesy ABC Family Dramas (Bunheads, PLL), sitcoms (Big Bang Theory, HIMYM), and reality TV shows where they give someone a fashion makeover, have a wedding, or HGTV
U - Unknown fact - Other than a hairline fracture in a pinky toe, I've never broken a bone.  never worn a cast, used crutches, or been hospitalized for anything.
V - Vegetables - Raw: Cauliflower; Raw & Cooked: Broccoli, Carrots; Cooked: Green Beans, Peas, Squash

W - What makes me run late - sitting down and getting lost in thought, or trying to pick out an outfit that is professional, comfortable, and won't show my tattoo or cleavage
X - X-rays - My teeth and my foot.

Y - Yummiest food - Tortilla Soup.  Mine, On The Border's, and Uncle Julio's are the top 3. 
Z - Zoo animal - Hippos!  Yes, they are vicious killers but also so cute!

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  1. LOL I used to fill out those surveys all the time. That's funny!