Friday, August 24, 2012

Freebie Friday

I'm so super new to making things on TpT, and without having a specific classroom and grade to work with, I haven't had as much inspiration to create new things.  One of the things I'd like to do the next time I go home (my grandma's house is always home) is grab my binder from student teaching and try to recreate the things I made while I was doing that.

But it is Teacher Week and it is Freebie Friday, so I'd like to share with you my normally free item from my store, as well as one item I'll make free for a 24-hour-ish window.

The Boggle Bakery Cupcake Letters

Boggle Bakery - Cupcake Letters (Uppercase)
I know that whatever age my students are, I want to feature a Boggle board in my classroom.  For kindergarten, it may be a simple 4X4 board without the less common letters like X or Q.  While I won't go completely overboard with the cupcakes in my classroom theme, this felt like a nice way to include them in one small area.

Because these letters are used for Boggle, I don't have a separate Q.  It's combined with a U just like the real game.  

Cupcake Clip Chart
Classroom Management - Cupcake Clip Chart
While I have mixed feelings on the Clip Chart (see my post about classroom management), I have seen them in action to know that they do work for many classrooms.  I thought this was another place where cupcakes could be included without taking over the entire room like curtains or a wall border would do.  I have also seen a chart similar to this used on young students as a tool for them to evaluate the quality of their work. (We did our best work, we would rate ourselves at sprinkles.  If we did good work but maybe not our best effort, we'd rate frosting, etc...)

As the newest product in my tiny little TpT store, I'm offering the Cupcake Clip Chart for free from now (around 4pm) until tomorrow around the same time.  PLEASE don't forget to leave feedback for any item you decide to get! 

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  1. Thanks for the great resource - left feedback on your TPT page too! I have put my freebie on my TpT store aswell - you can check it out here...

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