Monday, August 20, 2012

Must-Haves Monday

It's Teacher Week over at Blog Hoppin', and that's a great thing.  Why?  Because ever since I didn't get the job, it's been hard to come up with motivation to write, and this gives me a whole week of prompting from which to work.  Here are my Monday Must-Haves!

Coffee and breakfast - whether it's the almighty Starbucks, McDonald's or just a cup from my one-cup coffee maker, caffeine is key.  Since I am in Texas, there are days when even early in the morning it's just TOO hot for coffee, so I opt for a giant vanilla Dr. Pepper from Sonic instead.  I pair it with something small that's chock full o' protein to start off my day.  I love breakfast foods, but the earlier I wake up, the less I want to eat, so I force myself to have something (usually a microwaved breakfast sandwich) with meat and cheese because sweet stuff is out of the question.  I'll snack at some point in the morning to get me through until lunch, and that's usually my biggest meal of the day.

Calendars - I am terrific at remembering random facts, song lyrics, a piece of information that someone gave me in a seminar 3 years ago.  I stink at anything involving a number, so important dates fall right out of my head.  I keep 3 calendars - a dry-erase, month-at-a-glance calendar on my desk (for seeing the whole month), a purse-sized calendar in some pretty pattern (this year's model is from Barnes & Noble, but I am so in love with the Erin Condren ones), and my Google Calendar to provide me with reminders in my phone and my inbox.  During my methods classes, I would color code my paper calendar by class, Math being blue, Language Arts being purple, etc...  Organization is absolutely essential to my day, and it made those weeks where I had a major project due every day look a little more cheerful.

Books for Pleasure - I need to always have something to read.  There's generally a book in my purse, at least 2 or 3 in my car, probably even one in my "teacher bag".  When I am not in the middle of a book, I feel a little stressed because I have no escape from my day to day life.  Problem is that I am a crazy-fast reader and finish a book in less than a week (when I'm super busy) or even a couple of hours (when I have nothing to do).  I often illustrate this point with the story of how we went to San Antonio for my best friend's birthday the same weekend that the 7th Harry Potter book was released.  We drove to a San Antonio Barnes & Noble to wait in the midnight release line, but the other half of our group ended up finding the book at an HEB (we need those in Dallas, stat) without having to wait in a line.  Despite the trips to the River Walk and Sea World and all other birthday festivities, I managed to finish that book before we checked out of the hotel on Sunday.  This was an extreme case, if it were any book but HP I would have waited until the weekend was over.  I go through books fast and am reluctant to try new authors/series on the recommendation of someone else.

Brother PT-1090
My last Must-Have is a label maker.  I actually don't have one right now, it broke a while ago and I've been too busy/broke to replace it.  I love to file things and put things in boxes with lids and store them out of everyday sight, but I need to know that I can find them quickly.  I could hand write labels, obviously, but I like the uniform look of the label maker.  Plus, you can print a label inside of an alligator!  How cool is that?

What are your must-haves?


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  1. So fun Wendy! We just shared our one-cup coffee maker with our staff lounge and it is a huge celebrity! So fabulous! Also totally agree with a label maker. Our lil guy goes through tape and batteries like nobody's business at the beginning of the year! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade