Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Technology Tuesday

Well this one is a little harder - I don't have a lot of tips, technology-wise, because I'm new to so much of this.  I can't give any help on making your blog look nice because I just use the editor tool in Blogger.  I've only made a few things for Teachers Pay Teachers, and I do them all using MS Paint and Power Point, turning them into PDFs.  I get my free fonts off of Pinterest.   I suppose I could just tell you about some of my favorite scholastic-related websites.

If you don't know about WorldCat, let me introduce you.  WorldCat is an online library catalog that can help you find what library in your area has a particular book.  School district libraries are not included, but city and college libraries are.  Often times, teachers are eligible for a TexShare card that allows you to check out books from many of these libraries.  Talk to your local librarian about the card.

I. LOVE. LOGIC PUZZLES.  I got hooked on them in Eureka (that was our elementary school G/T program), and this website has some great ones.  I think I've done almost all of them, and some of them are easy enough for 4th and 5th graders.

Came across these lit-circle extensions projects while looking up something for a Language Arts class.  I really like a lot of them, especially the "Jackdaw", I think it could be a really neat, abstract group project. 

I was trying to get more into writing on my personal blog, and I turned to these creative writing prompts.  I'm actually pretty proud of the story I wrote from prompt #4.  They're not all winners, but there are some good ones.  I really want my students to try the ones where you have include certain words (like prompt #11).

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