Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where I Teach Wednesday


I don't have a classroom of my own yet, so I'm going to wax poetic on my dream classroom.

Room: There would be space enough for the tables (not individual desks) for all the kids, floor space for "meeting, and a nice sized library/reading area/loft.  There would be a lot of natural light from all the windows.  It would have a SmartBoard.  It would have generous storage space and lots of cabinets.  It would also have a ton of bulletin boards.

Furniture - a loft, bookshelves under the windows, with a window seat.  Maybe balance balls instead of chairs - it would be interesting to do action research on something like that.  I'd like a nice wide teacher's desk with lots of drawers.

Technology - I already mentioned the smart board, and at least 4 student computers.  A document camera, and maybe a classroom iPad or Nook.

Classroom theme - I'm planning on using cupcakes in many places, but sticking to a color scheme like brown, pink and blue more than anything else to make a cohesive look.  I might incorporate polka-dots because they remind me of sprinkles, but only in those colors.

Organization is key for me.  Everything needs to have a place, and they need to go back in that place when they're done.  I can't stand a cluttered desk, messy cubbies, and drawers that are so stuffed with junk they barely open.  I'd like it if someone comes into my room and asks to borrow something, and I can respond within 3 seconds whether I have it and where it is.  

My library will be well stocked - but I'll probably do what a lot of teachers do and not put every book I own out at once, but rotate them so things feel fresh.  The books will be leveled, and there will be a book hospital.  There will also be a bulletin board for book reviews.  I have a ton of book buddies - thanks to Kohls and Barnes & Noble, I have a whole cast of stuffed animal book characters.

Now, I know that there is no perfect classroom.  I know what the classrooms at the school I love are, but every building, every room is different, and I will have to make the most of what I have.  Most of all, I want to have a room that makes the kids feel safe and excited to come to school.  I want kids to want to be in my room.

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