Saturday, September 1, 2012

First Week

Well, I survived the first week.  Only 35 more to go.  I'm working after school, so I only get my kids for 2-3 hours instead of all day.  I got back on the sub list, and after I turn in a transcript showing that I graduated, I can get on a higher pay rate. Some highs and lows:

High - I LOVED seeing all my kids again.  The amount of hugs I've gotten has been astronomical.
Low - I'm already having trouble with a kid who assumes he gets to follow a different set of rules than anyone else.
High - I already got asked to sub, the teacher said, "We all need subs but I wanted to call early to make sure I got you."
Low - Have a new kid with ADHD, trying hard to have patience with him.  Any tips or tricks would e appreciated.  I think I'm going to give him some sort of "Fidget" so he's not constantly talking over me.
High - Had a parent tell me their kid was so glad to get me as their ESD teacher this year.
High - the daily affection I get from my little boy with Downs.  I missed the way that kid hugs you and latches on like a monkey =)

How was your first week back?  Anyone who doesn't start until after Labor Day?

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