Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September Currently

Listening - I've been watching all the seasons of Friends in order since summer started.  I'm at the end of Season 9 and I don't know what I'll watch after it's over.  Hopefully I'll be too busy substituting to care.

Loving - Meal Planning.  Today I made a calendar and planned out all the meals I'm going to cook for dinner for the next week.  Breakfast is usually something from the microwave, and sandwiches/Lean Cuisines are fine for lunch, but dinner is where I usually fall victim to restaurants/fast food.  I kept it super vague so that I didn't feel locked into something I didn't feel like, but this way I know what I need to buy from the grocery store.  I'm gonna try to cook a little more - maybe try one new recipe every month.

Thinking - I'm back at the job I held during college, and it's starting to feel like I've outgrown it.  My boss agrees - she says she doesn't want me to leave but that she can tell I've moved on.  If I can get enough sub jobs just at my school, then maybe next semester I'll open myself up to a few more schools and substitute every day instead of working the after-school job.

Wanting - a haircut and mani/pedi.  If I had enough money for one luxury service to be provided every day, I'd realistically choose a chef to make me dinner every night, but in my dreams I'd pick someone to wash and style my hair every day.  For someone whose always been tender-headed, I love having a trained professional mess with my hair every day.  After spending a year and a half growing my hair long enough for Locks of Love, I now relish regular haircuts and I crave them.  The mani/pedi just goes with a day of pampering.

Needing - a way to work out.  Now that I'm not in school I don't have free access to a fancy-shmancy Rec center.  I could get an alumni membership, but the idea of trying to find a parking space on campus JUST to work out sounds very unappealing.  I also don't live at a student apartment complex packed with amenities like a work-out room.  I don't have the money for any sort of gym membership, so I'm thinking about walking the track around the playground after work, but soon it will start getting dark earlier.

Favorite things - my bestie Brittan gave me a present with a ton of fun stuff, including the Girl Scout Cookie flavored Lip Smackers that I have been coveting but have been too proud to buy myself.  There's Thin Mint, Trefoil, and Samoa.  I've also loved waking up early enough in the mornings to enjoy a cup of coffee.  It's really a peaceful ritual.  Pretty soon there will be a crisp fall breeze in the air and I can enjoy my coffee (with pumpkin spice creamer) on the back patio in my flannel jammies.  I can't wait!

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  1. I am totally on the same page as you with meal planning. I made one of those menu boards that were popping up everywhere on pinterest before school started and its been a totally live saver, nothing is set in stone but at least there are options awaiting me.

  2. I would love to make a magnetic board or something with Post-Its, that way things can get moved around according to last minute schedule changes. Right now, since I'm not doing a lot of cooking, a lot of my meals are those frozen skillet things and they can be easily switched out with something else.