Thursday, October 18, 2012


I have a child this year who is particularly difficult.  Like, the most difficult child I've ever dealt with, and that includes twin boys in a preschool who had to be restrained so they wouldn't use naptime as an excuse to throw toys at their sleeping classmates' heads.

The other day, he did something cruel to a younger child and I felt very angry.  This child had something he prized, and my student just took it from his hands and ruined it.  He didn't seem to feel remorse, which was what bothered me most of all.

I did not bring this child before God to ask for guidance.  I did not openly pray that God soften my heart towards this child (I thought it, or rather, I thought that I *should* do it.)  I complained about him to my roommates and fellow instructors who witnessed the behavior.  I allowed my emotions to stop me from seeing that this is a child of 8 years old and instead saw him as a hassle and a problem.  I didn't try to find the good in him.

Today, God showed me the circumstances in this boy's life.  He has things in his life that most of the kids in this school have never even thought about.  I am humbled beyond belief, and am rebuking myself for forgetting that children are not miniature adults.  This child is not a burden, he is a child.  I am one of several people in his life right now who will help shape him into the adult he will become.  I can't expect him to have total self-control, I have to help him learn it.

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