Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Artistic Visions

I will be the first to toot my own horn and say I have great ideas.  I will also be the first to bring my inflated ego back to reality by reminding myself that my follow-through rate on my ideas is woefully low.  Were I more versed in sports, I could express it as a depressingly low RBI.  Sometimes, though, the clouds part, the chorus sings and I get an idea and enough time to put it down on paper (electronically speaking).  I was substituting a couple weeks ago and the kids were working on map skills, so I thought of an activity that 2nd graders could do to use those map skills on the higher levels of Bloom's, such as creating and analyzing.  I typed it up, saved it, and today I turned it into a product on TpT.

I like creating things for Teachers Pay Teachers - I think it's a great site with a great mission.  Problem is, while I've got the ideas, I've never been very artistic.  My documents are just Word documents, my graphics are just clip-art that someone else has made.  I have steak but no sizzle.  Professional TpT'ers like Clutter-Free Classroom, Miss Cupcake, Amy Lemons, etc...they all have mad graphic skills to jazz up their products and/or someone who contributes the artwork.  I'm jealous, I hope someday to have someone to collaborate with on things like this.  It's not that I'm interested in the money - I don't think it'll ever be more than a hobby/side-project.  It's that this is a community of awesome people and I'd like to be a part of it.  Also, if I'm going to devote time and energy to something, I want to be learning and improving while I do it.

I'd also eventually like to collaborate with someone on a more polished look for my blog.  What I have now is just me spending a lot of time carefully customizing the template that Blogger provides.  Someday I'd like something more personal, professional but still fun, and all my own.

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