Thursday, March 28, 2013

An Update + Working Out

I've gotten a lot of subbing under my belt since I last posted.  I've fallen "in like" with a new school, but I still miss my old school terribly.  This month is going to be crazy - I have not 1 but 2 district job fairs, plus the job fair at my university (which I didn't go to last year).  I've updated my resume, written a generic, me-based cover letter that I think sums me up pretty well, and I bought the fancy paper to print out copies on.  I've impressed and gotten the notice of the principal this new school.  I've also been hard at work creating a few new products for my TPT store.

Let me tell you, I am doing a lot of "on the job learning" with creating this stuff.  My first couple of products, I just made things and put them up.  Now I'm working with new fonts, borders, and clip art, and having to keep track of the ToU for these, because I want to make sure that the awesome people (who are so much more talented at graphic design than I am) get the credit for the work they did.  I can have great ideas for days, but these people help me make my ideas look pretty and stand out.  I'm not trying to be a Deanna Jump or an Amy Lemons, where my sales function as nearly a 2nd income, but I have always been a person that likes to create, and if even one other person likes what I created, then I feel happy.  Here's a link to my store if you'd like see what I've been making.

On a non-education related front, I joined a gym.  I've never been happy with the way I look, and my health is, of course, important, but the tipping point for me was noticing how little energy I've had.  I honestly think it started setting in when I stopped working at the after-school program.  I was getting energy from those kids every day, and using it to play with them and watch over them.  Now that my kid-time is limited to a classroom, I've been downright sluggish.  I got a great deal (ALWAYS mention you're a teacher), and paid for 3 months with the 4th one being free.  I used my own money, which so far has served as a great motivation to go.  I figure after 4 months, I'll see where I'm at, if I'm happy in this gym or if I need something bigger.

Y'all, this gym is tiny.  Like, 4 treadmills tiny.  It's 24 hour access, and there aren't a lot of members so I don't have to wait to use machines, but there is a lot it doesn't have.  What it does have is one of every weight machine that I know how to use, 3 choices for cardio (treadmill, elliptical, bike), and a clientele that keeps to themselves.  You don't come to this gym to socialize, you come to work.

I'm in my 4th month of being a member, and I've stuck to my goal of working out 3 days a week, except for the week of spring break when I wasn't in town.  Really, I don't have any goals other than that.  Get there - do something, that's where I'm at right now.  I didn't even take any beginning measurements or weight, because the only result I'm looking for now is more energy.  When I notice that, I'll start working on my physique.

I bought a journal to keep track of what workouts I do, because I'm worried that if I lock myself into a rigid schedule (Day one is upper body, day 2 is lower body, etc...) then I'll burn out faster.  I want as much freedom as possible, but I also want to know where I'm having success and where I need to work more.

 So, that's an update on my life right now - any advice for a new gym go-er?  Experiences you've had at job fairs?  Talk to me, people!

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