Tuesday, June 25, 2013

10 Pin Linky - Classroom Management

Whoops -  I missed last Wednesday's 10 Pin Linky on Classroom Managment, so here it is.  Tomorrow is a new one, with math ideas.

Plus, I've learned how to add the pins directly!

1) A brilliant first-day lesson about self-control for little ones.

2) Visual directions and materials cards so the students know what to do and what to use

3) A classroom economy, with jobs and paydays, bonuses and fines

4) Mystery Walker/Mystery Student.   Choose a student but don't say who it is until the end of the day, watch that student for correct behavior in the hallways or in class, and reward them.

5) Clip Charts.  I wouldn't use one all year, but I think it's an easy visual and tactile method for correcting behavior at the beginning of the year.

6) How are we learning?  I just pinned this the other day - if you expect your students to interact in different kind of groups, you must discuss what learning and behaving looks like in those groups.  A reward system for most kinds of groups is also key - a classroom chain for whole class compliments, table points for group behavior, etc...

7) Parent communication.  However you do it, communicating behavior to parents, both good and bad, is very important.  It's not the most fun thing about being a teacher, heck, it's not the 10th most fun thing about being a teacher, but it is absolutely necessary

8) An organized classroom.  I believe that organization is key to behavior management - clutter = chaos.  Plus, if you don't take care of your classroom, why should your kids be expected to?

9) Respect.  Your kids should respect you, but you also need to respect them.  

10) Rewards that don't cost an arm and a leg.  Your class store doesn't have to be all stickers and pencils.  It can be free treats, like letting your kids take off their shoes for a day.

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  1. I really like that Mystery Walker idea. Thanks for sharing that pin! I read How to Behave every year. What a great book.
    First Grade Found Me