Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Made It Monday


So this particular Made-It-Monday is not really school-related, but in the grand scheme of things, aren't creativity and problem solving ALWAYS related to teaching?  Let's go with that...

So I tried to streamline my stuff, because I feel like I'm always carrying bags this summer.  Gym bag, pool bag, bag of books from the library.  Frankly, my purse was just weighing me down, especially given my proclivity to stuff it completely full.  So I went with the popular wristlet trend - I found a nice one at Sam Moon that's vinyl-ized (to avoid stains from spills) and large enough to fit my bigger-than-an-iPhone phone.  It was perfect - room for the the phone, cards, cash, and not much else.  I don't miss my purse at all, except for one thing - Blistex.  I missed having my minty lip balm handy.

My first thought was to go to Bath & Body Works and get this bad boy (On sale right now!)

I bought this exact holder, and this exact gloss because I figured it would be slicker than the others (and it didn't have glitter or a color tint).  But no, the problem with the Liplicious and the Mentha Lip stuff is that it's a gloss, not a balm.  It doesn't really soften, and the formula is kind of thick and sticky.

Plan B involved a Google search that turned up some inappropriately shaped Chapstick-holder keychains (really, they're a crime against crocheting).

Plan C - Etsy.  I really should figure that if there's a problem that can be solved with cute fabric, then I will find it on Etsy.  Should have been my first choice.  I am currently in love with this one in particular, made from grosgrain ribbon.

But, am currently fund-less, even for a $5 (plus S/H) keychain, so in the meantime I crafted one myself out of that toolbox staple - Duct Tape.  Really, I'm impressed with my engineering skills most of all - creating a fob with a non-sticky pocket to hold my beloved lip balm.  It'll do nicely, until that ribbon one can be mine.

So there you have my Made-It Monday.  How are you keeping the creative juices flowing during summer break?

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