Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Science & Social Studies Ten Pin Linky

Being kept awake by heartburn has its upsides, like when you're able to get your latest 10 Pin Linky up on time.  This time we're looking at Science & Social Studies combined.

1. A paper bag version of a body system.  Instead of buying a t-shirt and having to have artistic abilities, you can use household items to show how a system of the body works.

2. Wildlife Webcams - shows kids the habits of animals when they're nesting and in a more natural habitat.

3. A health lesson about germs spreading and how they can make things nasty FAST.

4. A see-through birds nest for the window of the classroom - put up high enough so the kids can't bang on the glass, but still so they can see.

5. What's in a drop of blood?  Because I don't have a magic school bus to take us inside Ralphie.  Speaking of MSB, the entire series is available on Netflix instant watch, if you ever need a quick science video activity.

6. Worksheets on all the fifty states.  I think learning about the different states and their "state things" is neat.

7. A class timeline!

8. I have always wanted to do a unit on names, and Chrysanthemum is a great opening activity.

9. A winter holidays unit  - nearly every major religion celebrates some sort of holiday in the winter, and I did a text set unit on them in college.

10.  When I student taught in 1st grade, we did a rotations day to teach about Texas.  Each 1st grade teacher prepared a lesson, and then the classes all rotated around and each class got to see each teacher's presentation.  It was a really fun day!


  1. Love these! Thanks for linking up! :)

  2. thanks for these! I've pinned the colouring pages for my social studies unit.

    Mrs. D
    Reading with Mrs. D

  3. Great pins! I especially like the paper bag body systems for younger kiddos. In 5th grade, we used to do life-size body systems. Kids traced a peer onto butcher paper and drew in the organs. I had a list of size comparisons from somewhere - like your heart is about the size of your fist, etc. But I haven't taught 5th grade in forever - memories :-)

  4. For some reason I can't join your site right now:-(
    I'll try again later :-)