Saturday, August 17, 2013

Promoting Others

I've never been afraid to toot my own horn about my TeachersPayTeachers products, because I'm proud of what I make.  But I want to use this post to talk about some amazing looking products NOT done by me.  These are the top 10 things (in no particular order) on my TPT wishlist.

(A note:  I don't have my own classroom, which means I haven't narrowed down to grade-specific items.  These are going to be all over the map and will also include clip art.)

1. Emily's Runaway Imagination by Beverly Cleary Novel Study
Everyone knows the incredibly prolific Beverly Cleary - Ramona, Henry Huggins, Dear Mr. Hensha, Ralph S. Mouse.  This book is often overlooked, but the heroine is spunky, the setting is historical, and the adventures are amusing.  Much like The Phantom Tollbooth, this book will be a read-a-loud for me no matter what grade I teach.

2. Genre-of-the-Month Reading Log.
This is one of those ideas that is so simple but so brilliant, I'm a little mad at myself for not thinking of it!  Yes, it's important that kids read every day and read books they're interested in - but they need to try new types too or they'll get stuck in a rut.  The grade level would determine how many books from each genre I want them to read every month, but I will be using this in some way in any grade.

3. Cupcake Fonts
I have made no secret of my love for A Cupcake for the Teacher, and I love love LOVE her adorable collections of fonts she created. 

4. Monster Adjective Glyphs
I've talked about how I'd like to do a monster theme with my kiddos, and I think glyphs are so much fun for younger kids.  It's a more fun way to display and compare data, which is great for those primary grades.

5. Behavior Calendars
I credit this product (and A Cupcake for the Teacher) for introducing me to TPT and getting me started on this blogging/creating ride I've been on for the past year.  These calendars are an adorable way to track specific behavior - okay, so Harry had a bad day, but WHY did he have a bad day? - and you can edit them to your own specific classroom behavior codes.

6. Writing Center Starter Kit
 *Stefon voice* This kit has everything...writing samples, labels, templates.  You can make a whole bulletin board out of it, or, if you have a writing center for your Daily 5/Cafe time, you can put it on a poster board for use over there.

7. Monster Clip Art
The monsters I draw are pretty scary looking, and not in a good way.  If my classroom theme were limited to what I can draw, it'd either be cupcakes or whales.  Thankfully, there are more talented people out their willing to share their monster-drawing gifts with the world.

8. Parent Handbook Flipbook
Parents will need and want some information at their fingertips.  This editable flipbook allows you to put in things such as contact info, grading policy, instructions for sending money to school, daily schedule, etc...

9. The Phantom Tollbooth Challenges
GREAT ideas for a project-based-learning unit on The Phantom Tollbooth.  11 Challenges mean there's something for everyone.

10. Teacher Binder - Quatrefoil theme
I'm about to admit something that is going to make kind of unpopular - I am sick of Chevron!  It is everywhere, and I get tired of seeing it on EVERYTHING.  I'm a big fan of the quatrefoil (and argyle of course!), so when I saw this Teacher Binder kit done with a quatrefoil theme, I flipped!  Turquoise and lavender (two colors I adore) and and cute mix of regular and scripty fonts make this just the bee's knees!

So that's my wishlist for the TPT BTS sale - what's on yours?  Comment below!

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