Friday, September 27, 2013

Five Senses Friday

Today we talked about the 5 senses, and we read a book, and we brainstormed different things we could sense - seems pretty cut and dry.  But I had a thought that I could create a moment for shared reading, repetition of sight words, and let the kids enjoy seeing themselves on the big screen. 

I took a photo of each kid, and I put it on a page in a Power Point.  I put what they brainstormed on the page ("Fletcher can taste candy."  "Lauren can see a dog.") along with a picture of whatever they mentioned, such as candy or a dog.  I put headers at the beginning of each section tha said, "I can _____" so they knew which of the 5 senses we were talking about.  The kids each got to take a turn holding the pointer while the whole class read each page together.  Our sight words include I, can, and see so they got a lot of each of those.

But did I stop there?  No siree.  It still took a lot of time to create this on the fly, what with the picture taking, emailing the pics to myself, then copying and pasting them onto Power Point slides.  I figured that if I ever wanted to do it again, I could save time by saving a BLANK presentation with only their pictures in it, ready to open for easy editing.  At some point, I can email these presentations to the parents with instructions on printing it out and turning it into a book for the kids to read at home.

Update on the job:  for the time being I am working full time with one little sweetheart who is dramatically low.  I'm hoping that I'll be hired full time to work with him, but everything is still up in the air right now.  The classroom teacher has been out a while because of family illness, so if you've got a moment could you offer up prayers for her and her family?  Meanwhile, I've completed 20 out of 30 days so I should be getting an answer one way or another in the next two weeks.  Parent-teacher conferences are next week, so speaking of prayers, keep us all in yours. 

Hopefully I'll have another update soon!

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